CAD CAM Design

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CAD CAM Design

Virtuality Becomes The Reality

Computer-aided design and manufacturing technology enables us at Premier Casting to design and produce a piece from a simple sketch provided by a client. Using the latest software programs such as Rhino, Matrix and JewelCad, we generate high-precision models and designs with incredible accuracy and amazing detail. Your simple sketch…or even a simple discussion…starts a process that allows you to actually see your pieces in virtual reality. We can then work together to adjust and perfect the design to meet your exact vision, ultimately resulting in a completely manufactured piece all within our state-of- the-art facility.



Premier Casting CAD department will be happy to serve you as your CAD file printing service bureau. We’ll use our latest, most precise rapid prototype equipment to output your files.

Producing something tangible…BEFORE production

One of the biggest advantages of CAD is the ability to view your models and pieces in virtual reality…before they are ever produced. Using today’s most sophisticated software, Premier Casting can render and generate life-like images of your jewelry before production. You get exactly what you want the first time, every time.

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