Mold Making

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Mold Making

Mold is a the key component when creating multiple pieces of jewelry. Correctly made and cut mold is the first step in jewelry production manufacturing process. Our highly experienced mold cutters will expertly cut the molds for you avoiding parting lines to insure good quality waxes. Premier Casting can create molds in a variety of materials to meet specific needs:

Rubber Molds

  • Regular Mold: the most popular and conventional mold for injecting wax into in order to create uniformed patterns for casting. 8% to 10% Shrinkage IMAG0605
  • Blue Mold: (Low Shrink) Similar to the regular mold with the smaller shrinkage percentage. 4% to 6% IMAG0606
  • Pink Mold: (Low Shrink) Very similar in it’s characteristics to the blue mold used sometimes in combination with the regular mold to achieve smaller shrinkage. IMAG0608
  • Orange Mold: Very Hard rubber. Not bendable. High shrinkage. Very good for fine detailing. IMAG0608
  • Titanium Mold: (Hard Rubber) Very good option for the highest level reproduction of details such as text or other detailing on hard models. Hardly bendable rubber mold and is the closest thing to metal mold you may get. IMAG0602

Silicone Molds
These non-shrinking molds also referred as cold molds are excellent for high-detail reproductions of fragile models as well as the hard ones for a low-volume production basis and can be created in

  • White Silicone
  • Pink Silicone
  • Clear Silicone


Metal Molds
Metal molds are the perfect mold for high precision and high detailing work. They’re most often used when identical weight, stone sizes and other variables need to be consistent throughout the entire production run.

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