Laser Engraving

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Laser Engraving

Making unique pieces uniquely yours

With our most sophisticated laser engraving equipment, Premier Casting can engrave your logo, message, stamp, stone sizes and weights or other proprietary information on jewelry. We can use virtually any type of font or custom-designed artwork to identify your piece as a truly one-of-a-kind product. We can engrave as deep or as light as our customer desires. Many different effects on metals and surfaces can be produced thus enhancing the look of your jewelry elevating it’s status and its unique appeal. With our sophisticated laser engraving process, each and every engraving will be identical to the next. Premier Casting Laser Engraving applications include:

  • Multi-line engravings on rings (inside or outside)
  • Earring posts
  • Watches
  • Hallmarks
  • Bracelet Locks

Laser engraving is NOT limited to metals: we can engrave leather, wood, plastic and many other materials.

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